About Us

Nick Grimaldi

Nick, son of partner Gene Grimaldi, graduated with his 5 year Bachelor of Architecture Degree from Philadelphia University, located in East Falls, Philadelphia, PA.   After starting his own landscaping business with a friend, Nick focused on his work as OMNIA's architectural intern for the past two summers.
As the youngest associate, Nick brings fresh technological skills and perspective.  His passions include photography, experimental software, philosophy, and psychology. Nick studied in Rome and learned to appreciate the lifestyle and many forms of architectural palimpsest (diverse layers) that is contained in the ancient, yet modern city.
Nick’s favorite architect is Santiago Calatrava. Sharing his best experience in school,  "The B&W photography class opened my eyes to details and moments in life and in design.”
His most interesting class was Urban Planning, Design 9 Studio .  It offered a “chance to combine architectural principles to larger scales, while translating down to blocks, streets, then building, while studying the psychology, history, and philosophy of the neighborhood and city.
His favorite quote is “Make mistakes faster”  - An Incomplete manifesto for growth #34 -Bruce Mau (Andy Grove)