About Us


Dan brings over three decades of Residential Design, Project Management and Documentation experience to The OMNIA Group Architects team. His past experience includes over a decade with Toll Brothers, Inc. and currently over a decade and a half with the OMNIA Group Architects.  Dan loves a good competitive fundraiser.  

Gerard graduated Temple University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture. Upon graduating he worked for a regional homebuilder where he met partners, Gene Grimaldi and Brian Mann. Working for a builder provided a great opportunity to learn the many disciplines of production housing and develop relationships with clients. Shortly after The OMNIA Group Architects was formed, Gerard joined the firm and continues to build on the time-honored traditions that founded the company.

Michael is an extremely versatile and highly motivated professional who brings over 25 years of expertise in all phases of architecture, engineering, and project management to The OMNIA Group. His background encompasses development of all types of residential and commercial construction projects, from conceptual design all the way through the construction administration phase and inspections. In the course of his architectural career, Michael has designed and developed new construction as well as rehabs, tenant fit-outs, renovations and additions and has acquired experience in Green Building design (LEED). He has developed an expertise in the building permit process and in conducting business with building departments. Michael’s philosophy is to be accessible to clients and to pay strict attention to their needs and requests.

Bryan joined The OMNIA Group team in the fall of 1999 while simultaneously achieving his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Drexel University.   He began his career in architecture over eighteen years ago for a local national homebuilder.  Subsequently, he held an associate architectural position for a local firm prior to beginning his career at The OMNIA Group Architects. Bryan’s residential experience encompasses a wide range of projects from small additions to multi-million dollar residences.  He has also administers a variety of commercial ventures from design to completion.

Noura joined the OMNIA Group Architects in April of 2012. Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, She is a graduate of Cairo University, Faculty of Fine Arts with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture. Prior to immigrating to the United States in 2000, she started her career in Egypt developing medical hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation facilities. Once in the United States, she continued her career development and gained experience in a wide range of projects including retail, restaurants, residential, commercial and historical preservation projects. 

Marie graduated from Drexel University with a BS in Business. She was a project accountant at a large architectural firm in center city, where her life intersected with Gene as he began his architectural career. She has been with OMNIA from the beginning of the dream, since 1993, creating the behind the scenes financial structure. 

"I have always been involved with the financial strategy of the firm, but now I manage the marketing and social media aspects of the business as well.  What fun it is to listen to the heartbeat of the office.  Look for my postings on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and LinkedIN.  I love working with the entire staff.  We, as dedicated employees, are all problem solvers, working to better our own environment, so we can better yours."



Sue launched her career with OMNIA Group Architects in 2001. As our trusted Office Manager, she brings dedication and spirit to the administration of our firm. She supports the day-to-day activities that keep the office running smoothly.  Sue involves herself in all aspects of design, monitoring the heartbeat of the office.  Sue knows!





Lauri Sanders joined our firm at the end of July 2014.  Lauri’s passion for residential architecture shows in her recent endeavors.  Lauri’s architectural drawings, as the chief designer and architect with Murphy Architectural Group, received awards for active adult homes, townhouse of the year and other design awards.  Her proudest accomplishment while working there, was to be part of the award for the 2013 Philadelphia Magazine Design Home, a 9,500 SF townhouse project, located in the gated community of Wrenfield, Villanova, Pennsylvania.

Lauri, a graduate of Millersville University, enjoys spending time with her wonderful husband, Craig and her two children, Maddison, age 15 and Cole, age 13.  She spends her time volunteering with her daughter at La Mancha Animal Rescue, a no kill shelter in Unionville, Pennsylvania, the Hopewell Boy Scout Troop 8 with her son and finally as a supportive Mom to the Downingtown West Marching Band . Her family shares another passion, the love of animals.   Chickens, dogs, rabbits, turtles, fish and frogs abound in her homestead.



Nick, son of partner Gene Grimaldi, graduated with his 5 year Bachelor of Architecture Degree from Philadelphia University, located in East Falls, Philadelphia, PA.   After starting his own landscaping business with a friend, Nick focused on his work as OMNIA's architectural intern for the past two summers.
As the youngest associate, Nick brings fresh technological skills and perspective.  His passions include photography, experimental software, philosophy, and psychology. Nick studied in Rome and learned to appreciate the lifestyle and many forms of architectural palimpsest (diverse layers) that is contained in the ancient, yet modern city.
Nick’s favorite architect is Santiago Calatrava. Sharing his best experience in school,  "The B&W photography class opened my eyes to details and moments in life and in design.”
His most interesting class was Urban Planning, Design 9 Studio .  It offered a “chance to combine architectural principles to larger scales, while translating down to blocks, streets, then building, while studying the psychology, history, and philosophy of the neighborhood and city.
His favorite quote is “Make mistakes faster”  - An Incomplete manifesto for growth #34 -Bruce Mau (Andy Grove)

Danielle "Dani" Harttraft joins OMNIA Group Architects as a summer intern from Catholic University, where she will be entering her third year, minoring in Sustainabilty.  She gained her LEED GA last year and is planning to receive a LEED AP with specialty certification as well. Danielle knew she wanted to be an architect when she visited the offices of OMNIA at the age of 4, with her parents.  Her family became clients of OMNIA Architects' expertise when they decided to renovate and add to their Bucks County, Pennsylvania home.

Danielle is very excited to be studying abroad in Rome next spring, and she looks forward to learning the history of some of the world’s most magnificent architectural feats. In school, her favorite classes are Studio Design and Sustainability. However, she is also interested in the study of archaeology and how past landscapes influence today’s built community.


In addition to drawing and model-making, Danielle also loves reading, photography, running, and baking. One of her favorite pastimes, however, is listening to music and spending time at the beach.