About Us



Dan the Biking Man brings over four decades of Residential Design, Project Management and Documentation experience to the OMNIA team. Dan loves a good competitive race and participates in many athletically challenging team fundraisers. Dan is above us all because he is located in the lofty section of the office.  He enjoys the daily candy throws from the pesky partner below. 



Gerard graduated from Temple University and jumped right into working for a regional homebuilder where he met partners, Gene Grimaldi and Brian Mann. Gerard joined the firm as one of our first architectural associates over 20 years ago.  Gerard loves camping, hanging out with family and friends, and traveling to Maine.  Gerard is a good sport; for over 25 years he has been putting up with all the bad jokes and frequent shout outs from the associates…. Guerny!!!!!!!




Michael is an extremely versatile and highly motivated professional who brings over 25 years of expertise in all phases of architecture, engineering and project management to OMNIA. He understands the details of the Building Information Management Systems, knowledge he frequently lauds over all of us at the office meetings.  Mike loves the beach, eating and throwing javelins at us for the bad food we bring into the office.

Bryan earned his title of Director of Operations.  He joined The OMNIA Group Architects team in the fall of 1999 while simultaneously achieving his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the esteemed Drexel University.  His passion for music clears his mind and allows him to be an effective Project Manager.  Bryan can be found in the deepest part of OMNIA’s office wearing his vacation shirts and handling multiple calls, emails and texts all at once while juggling a cup of coffee and a set of drawings.


Noura joined the OMNIA Group Architects in April of 2012.  Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, she is a graduate of Cairo University, Faculty of Fine Arts with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture.  Noura's quiet ways stir up the office.  She loves gardening, listening to music and hanging out with superheroes. 


Sue launched her career with OMNIA Group Architects in 2001. As our trusted Office Manager, she brings dedication and spirit to the administration of our firm.  Sue involves herself in all aspects of office management, including arts and crafts, cooking, sewing and decorating, She, more importantly monitors the heartbeat of the office.  When she is not at work, Sue can be found biking, hiking and kayaking far away from any technology.



 Lauri, a graduate of Millersville University, enhanced OMNIA's office atmosphere in June of 2014.  Creating chicken coops, dog runs, rabbit shelters, fish and frog ponds along with volunteering at a no kill animal shelter helps to hone her unique skills of project management in sustainability and residential architecture.  She excels at collaborating with clients to bring their design ideas to life.


Nick, a recent graduate of Philadelphia University's renowned architecture program, brings fresh technological skills and perspective.  After office hours, he can be found running around the City of Philadelphia following his widely ranging passions, urban architecure, photography, experimental software, philosophy and psychology.  His favorite quote is "Make mistakes faster" - An incomplete manifesto for growth #34-Bruce Mau (Andy Grove)

Rachel graduated from Drexel's esteemed architectural evening program.  Not satisfied with just speaking conversational French, dabbling in Physics and being an aircraft mechanic in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard since 2007, she decided to torture her self and study architecture.  She loves tennis, ballet, anything outdoorsy and in her words is quite "festive".


Marie a graduate of Drexel University was a project accountant at a large architectural firm in center city where her life intersected with Gene as he began his architectural career. She has been with OMNIA from the beginning trying to tame the wild beasts.  Her love of reading frequently causes havoc because she brings her crazy ideas about food, work and life into the office.