Youngest intern ever at OMNIA Group Architects

OMNIA Group Architects welcomed young artist and future architect, Domnick, age 9, on a warm day in April.  Sitting and sharing his enthusiasm with all at the office, Domnick listened to our associates and shared his love of drawing.


At the tender age of 3, our friend showed great interest and talent in the Arts.   While watching Activity TV, Domnick learned how to draw cartoon characters and creative scenes.  Since then, art is part of his daily routine. His involvement and activity in art increased as he grew older. He attended the Performing Arts school where his work is on display.  Dominick has won several prizes for his designs. His talent continues to grow exponentially as he continues his quest to follow his passion into the dazzling world of art.


His first assignment as a budding draftsman was to trace a sketch of a client's new home.  Notice the detailed drawing.  Dominick fits comfortably in our office.

Good luck Dominick.   Go forth and create!