Perfect Place

Perfect Place indeed - this is Samuel Paley park located along East 53rd Street in New York. Described in detail here:, it is equally stunning as an oasis of peace every time it is encountered. While many ascribe its success to the fabulous waterfall that lends both visual and aural essence to the space, I'd argue that it is a much more complex composition of color, texture, scale, proportion and the waterfall's dynamic visual and aural cues that drive the palpable sense of comfort that envelops one when you enter the park. There is, too, a jarring juxtaposition of mood - a New York visit is usually a bustling, time sensistive affair and then suddenly as one is marching down 53rd, perhaps towards a museum or a meal, you are literally sucked into this void in the firmament of buildings. Time slows perceptably and one is recentered as if the trip were to the forest instead of the city. Kudos to the the designers, Zion and Breen, who created this place in the late 1960s. How can it be a model for seductive place in your next project?