OMNIA Designs Upscale Restaurant

OMNIA Group Architect's Hospitality Group is working on this 7000 square foot upscale restaurant design for a center city Philadelphia client. This architectural rendering shows the main dining room and bar area designed with chic, subdued natural gray and blonde toned woods, perforated stainless steel  and toney white and striped laminates. According to OMNIA Group Partner, Brian Mann, "We are working now to punctuate the mood of the space with some colorful artwork and lighting." In addition to the main dining area, there is also a mezzanine and lower level service and cooking areas.

In a related project, OMNIA Group Architects has completed the schematic design for a 2000 square foot bistro type restaurant in Valley Forge. The restaurant is located in the commercial area of a high rise apartment complex and will primarily serve its residents. We haven't started working on the interior finishes yet, but the dining room and kitchen layouts are complete. OMNIA continues to assist the owner with required variance and permitting.