OMNIA Architects at Maple Brook in North Wales, PA

OMNIA Group Architects strives to remain dynamic and to continue to include our architects and designers in the whole process of newly constructed homes. On a recent job site visit to a Client, Associates Mike Cohen and Noura Soliman walked the new construction site to monitor the process of our product lines in Montgomery County, North Wales, Pennsylvania.  It is important for our architects and designers to view the actual transformation from computer to real construction.  The computerized architectural design, CAD drawings,  carry a different feel from the construction documents.  Review of the different styles, various floorplans, framing techniques, and elevations involved in the completed construction is often perceptually different.  Mike, the seasoned designer and Noura, our newest designer, appreciated the visual actualization.  Mike was able to guide Noura through the as-built construction. These job site visits continue to expand the knowledge of the OMNIA Group Architects. We are Creativity Delivered!