Old Bank Building repurposed

OMNIA Group Architect's newly re-purposed old bank building project, originally built in 1874 continues to evolve in the construction phase.   The architecture and construction design of the administrative offices for The Hatboro Federal Savings as previously reported, served up many hidden architectural treasures.   This 12 foot diameter wooden ring of trim which adorned a previously demolished dome in the original 1920's expansion is waiting to be installed on the second floor ceiling of the HFS administrative offices.   The employees of Hatboro Federal Savings will continue to feel "safe" and secure as the interior strong metal frame of the original Safe door outlines the entrance to the future kitchen area.  The front of the Safe door will be attached, but remain open at all times.  The OMNIA Group Architects, working with our client, continues to adapt the original construction with the new to fit the goals of the finished project and preserve the historic architectural gems discovered.