Natural Materials Adorn Lakeside Architectural Design

Omnia Architects is progressing with this new custom home. The elevations have taken shape with the aid of 3D modeling with Google Sketchup. Natural materials like local fieldstone and reclaimed barn boards blend this lakeside home into its wooded setting. A muted palette of earthtones reinforces that grounded essence. Borrowing from the classic farmhouse vernacular, a series of meticulously proportioned structures knit together into a coherent form that belies the mass of the structures and hearkens to a homestead expanding over time. Architectural design cannot be purely driven by style - this is not a modern design or contemporary design, it is an architectural plan created by an architect for his client that melds the client's lifestyle with an extraordinary setting. We will now continue to develop the detailing and materials in collaboration with our client. This will include cornices, fenestration and doors, decks and rails and the indoor pool enclosure. We are also working on a coherent set of tones for the interior finishes.