Horsham, PA, Kathy Davis Studios celebrates 25 years

The OMNIA Group Architects salutes Kathy Davis and Kathy Davis Studios as they celebrate 25 years in business as successful designers of greeting cards and art.   What a wonderful suprise to open the Philadelphia Inquirer on Sunday, December 21, 2014 to see the article about Kathy Davis, local artist and entrepreneur, located in Horsham, Pennsylvania.   See the Philadelphia Inquirer article link below.

As an architectural firm, OMNIA Group Architects was fortunate to be part of the design team for Kathy Davis Studio's expanding commericial office requirements.  As partner Brian Mann recalls, "Working with the artist Kathy Davis and her team, allowed our designers to assemble a dynamic architectural interior design layout that expands with their current and future needs". Creating an inspirational area for artist's to design provided an ideal project.  Sustainable and green project materials were welcomed and became an intergral part of the architectural makeup of the office interior.  For further pictures of this dream project check out our portfolio.

Congratulations to Kathy Davis and thank you for allowing us to be part of your artistic dream.