Charitable donation of architectural drawings-Haiti Firehouse

The anticipated construction of the Haitian Firehouse is complete.  A dedicated group of volunteers traveled to Haiti over the past few months to give back to others.  OMNIA Group Architects donated the Architectural drawings for the much needed wood constructed firehouse.  Our original contact was Aleta Ostrander from the Hatboro, PA community.  She explained the need for the architectural plans for the building.  The small, commercial shelter for the two fire vehicles, needed to be a simple and easy to build design, utilizing the wood framing materials. OMNIA Architects gladly offered their services,for this cause.  As architects, we were just a small part of this charitable project.  We salute the volunteers who generously gave of their time, energy, money and talents.   With the help of many people, from two different cultures, they have taught this small community, by educating them and equipping them, with the knowledge to help themselves in the event of a fire.  Thank you to all involved.