Happenings in Philadelphia at 1330 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

OMNIA Group Architects is creating architecture and design in many areas of Philadelphia.  The current cultural climate continues to shape the ongoing resurgence in Center City, Philadelphia.  OMNIA Group Architects designed the commercial tenant space of 2,040 SF in center city.  The 1st floor dazzles with a newly constructed food and drink area, overlooked by a mezzanine which is approximately 620 SF, for Boxers, a NYC gay sports bar.   The bar is located at 1330 Walnut Street in Philadelphia, PA.  The new facade design is an improvement to the previous frontage, the former Ritz Camera shop and is more in keeping with the character of Walnut Street. The old building was comfortably designed to incorporate all of the interior architectural design required by code and by our client.  The name Boxers developed with the concept that the waiters and bartenders wear only red boxers as they serve their customers.  Boxers has several establishments located in New York City.  Owners Bob Fluet and Robert Hynd's target is the heterosexual professional person feeling comfortable enough to sit and enjoy drinking and feasting in a gay establishment.