What's Cooking In the Kitchen: Design Trends 2013

Issue 4 | August 20, 2013

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This newsletter is yet another variation of Creativity Delivered – keeping you up to date on the latest architectural trends and on our newest projects.

The Heart Of The Home Gets A Hi-Tech Makeover

This shouldn’t come as a newsflash to anyone – but the kitchen is not just about cooking and eating anymore. It’s the social centerpiece of the home…a place where families gather and friends mix and mingle. Today’s kitchens are multi-functional – with interesting open spaces allowing for greater flexibility to socialize, eat, study, cook, use the computer and entertain guests. 

To carve out more of that open space, appliances are now often hidden in cabinets or located under the countertop or within a kitchen island. They are designed to blend in with the rest of the kitchen. Beautifully crafted, easy-to use drawers are replacing big, boxy refrigerators and dishwashers. (Think: less bending and reaching – especially important to those 55 and over.) Manufacturers are now making cooktops with built-in computer monitors and even full-color touchscreen interfaces.

As more people are dining and entertaining at home, professional gas ranges and induction cooktops are taking center stage. But forget that conventional stainless steel trapezoid-shaped range hood. More decorative designs are popping up – some with built-in LED lights that turn a kitchen necessity into a work of art.

Kitchen Islands are getting larger – with curves or multiple counters in different heights, colors and materials. Contemporary kitchen cabinets are decorated with innovative fabrics and textures using exotic woods and interesting colors and patterns. While granite is still a popular countertop choice, other options include wood or butcher block, glass, stainless steel, soapstone, travertine, Carrera marble and concrete. A new twist on granite is honed granite, which offers a soft, matte finish and is highly resistant to scratching, chipping, cracking or breaking.

New Focus On Color

While many still favor darker colors, kitchen designers predict a lighter, more neutral colors. Pale solid wood flooring remains popular – especially bamboo because it is a renewable material.

Balancing out those neutral colors are splashes of colors in small bursts. This allows you to make a bold statement without overpowering the room. In an article on, the Color Marketing Group, an international, nonprofit association of more than 1,000 color design professionals, say that as India becomes a more powerful player in the world market, people will be drawn to its soothing oranges and yellows. Reds continue to be hot, in part due to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute – one of the premier color forecasters in the country, “What makes color trends different from year to year is how you put them together in fresh, inventive ways.”

Indeed, “how you put it together” is what distinguishes a ho-hum kitchen from a “wow”.

The OMNIA Group Architects prides itself on listening to our clients and gently guiding them in their creative decisions involving one of the most important rooms in their homes. Our architectural designs cover every known style, including the modern kitchen, the cottage kitchen, the traditional kitchen, the country kitchen, the art deco kitchen, the arts and crafts kitchen and the European kitchen, to mention just a few. As architects, we collaborate with our consultants to keep abreast of all the latest trends.

Through the OMNIA Group Architects, our clients, working within their budgets, their needs and best of all their dreams, create a quality-designed kitchen to enhance their lifestyle.