Warm it up! New options for making your home even cozier this fall.

As the temperature drops, we look forward to cozy nights by the fireplace, and visits from family and friends for football games filled with cheers and jeers. Autumn opens up a whole new world of possibilities in — and for — our home.

Color is always an easy way to make seasonal changes. This fall, gray is a hot color around the home. Heavy metal — brass and warm metallics such as gold and bronzes — remain popular among fall's biggest home-decor trends. Fresh white paint also makes a warm statement, as it reflects the available light around your space.

Wood tends to add warmth to any room. Walnut finishes on cabinets and furniture, live-edge wood countertops and wood-topped kitchen islands are just a few trends that keep showing up in home decor. Wood treatments on feature walls and reclaimed wood furniture are also still popular.

Statement lighting is big right now, particularly in brass. Industrial lighting that features Edison-style bulbs and exposed cords is also trending. If your budget can’t accommodate large lighting improvements, opt for a new lampshade or add lamps to dim corners.

Of course, a fireplace is an obvious way to warm up any home. Why not freshen it up a bit by painting the brick, putting in a new tile surround or adding some custom shelving around it? If your home is from the 50s, 60s or 70s, your fireplace may be outdated. Consider a remodel, either with brick or stone. If a mantelpiece or flat screen TV above the fireplace is in your future, limestone can help deflect the heat. Cultured stone is another attractive option, as it looks like real stone without the costly price tag. The professionals at the OMNIA Group Architects can help refresh or add a fireplace, easily and affordably. See the attached addition pictures, showing one of our projects, a covered patio, featuring a fireplace.

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One of our favorite ways to warm up your living spaces is with a glass-enclosed porch or solarium that brings the outside light in — a welcome addition during the cold/dark months ahead. Much like a sunroom, a solarium can be built next to your home or incorporated onto the side of your house, making it a three glass-walled structure. If you want to make a huge impression, a geodesic dome can top off your solarium. This spherical or partial-spherical shell structure or lattice shell is based on a network of great circles (geodesics) on the surface of a sphere.

Whether a solarium, fireplace or simple change in color or lighting, the OMNIA Group can help add warmth to your home — on trend and on budget.

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