Simple Ways To Add Value To Your Home

What would you do to improve the value of your home - a new roof, an open concept, updated plumbing? Which types of improvements add the most value to your home? Whether a move is on your to-do list or you just want to renovate or increase the value of your investment, it is important to focus on those things that are important to buyers. Not sure? OMNIA Group Architects to the rescue. Here are some tips to increase your biggest asset…your sanctuary.

If your house needs a new roof, you will not see a return on value because people expect the roof to be in good shape. The same can be said for your plumbing and electrical systems. Of course, it is also important to consider your ideas along with your budget. So what should you do to improve the value of your home?

Get out your paintbrush.
For a few hundred dollars, you can give your home a fresh, new look. Give the interior a new coat of paint, from the walls to inside the cupboards. Your dark and dingy paneling could use a coat or two as well. The exterior is very important— the siding, trim and decks and sheds. (Be sure your shutters aligned properly.) Not sure which color to use? Neutrals always work well. But do not shy away from using a few accent colors to add interest. Notice the bold colors in the picture shown here of a custom residential addition we added for our client. If you are unsure about which colors to use where, consult with a professional painter who can suggest colors that can suit your taste and that of potential buyers.

Open up the space.
Open floor plans usually involve combining the kitchen, dining and living areas into one big space, giving the illusion of a larger living area. Says Kristin Wellins, Senior Manager of Program Development for ERA Real Estate, “Right now, buyers want a wide open floor plan, the living room right off the kitchen. They are into big spaces.”

To open the space, knock out a wall. BUT, do not go it alone — consult with the OMNIA Group Architects for your master plan. See the attached picture. Our architectural designers, led by partner, Brian Mann, and assisted by Bryan Delso, removed the wall, replacing it with another full serviceable kitchen counter and cabinets while leaving a wide opening view into the family room. We are keen on Universal Design and Accessibility. If you are not interested in taking down walls, widen the doorways 6 to 12 inches and/or add some creative trim. Also consider removing the kitchen island if you have enough storage space without it. You can always bring in a moveable island.

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Add green to get green.
According to, a good first impression can add five to 10 percent to the value of your home. If your walkway or driveway is cracked or disheveled, it is not very welcoming — get it repaired by a professional. Spruce up your front yard with easy-to-care-for perennials and a well-manicured lawn. The back of your home should also be treated with care. Brighten your deck or patio with comfortable furniture, garden beds and a water feature. Even if you are not in the market to sell, it can be your own private oasis after a hard day’s work.

“Landscaping is one of the top three investments that bring the biggest return,” says Roger Voisinet, a 30-year veteran of the Charlottesville, Virginia real estate market. According to a 2007 survey of 2,000 brokers conducted by HomeGain, an online real estate marketing site, an investment of around $400 or $500 dollars in landscaping, can bring a return of four times that. "It could really make a significant difference in the price.”

Let the sun shine in.
Consider adding a sunroom — it is the latest trend in outdoor living. Sunrooms are either unheated (three-season) or heated (four-season) and often include features like cathedral ceilings, skylights and tile flooring. Adding a sunroom can increase your home's square footage, and is typically less than half the cost of adding a standard room to your home.

Got a den?
Make it a bedroom. "If you have a three-bedroom house with a den, the only reason the den can't be considered a bedroom may be because it doesn't have a closet," says Nicole Persley, a Realtor in Boca Raton, Florida. "If you add a closet to that room, you've now got a four-bedroom house. That adds a lot of value."
It does not take much effort to get more out of your home. These are a few easy ways to add value to your home. The OMNIA Group Architects can help with simple and/or intricate, creative changes and share the latest architectural trends with you.

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