Making A Splash With A Pool House

Issue 4 | September 12, 2013
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One Cool Pool House

When is a pool house not just a pool house? When it becomes your “outdoor living room”… an anchor for outdoor entertaining. One of our clients, located in Skippack, PA, was building a very contemporary pool with deck and patio. He wanted a multi-function pool house that would offer three-season space with a companion outdoor area as well. While he wanted the structure to complement his home’s style, he also wanted a design that was modern and edgy.

We determined the perfect location for the pool house – between the property boundary and the pool, with prime sun orientation and in ideal relation to the pool’s edge.  


Our design was a 3-part building. Part one is a fully covered dining pavilion with bar, TV and refreshment components open on three sides – but enclosable with 3 sets of folding glass doors. One set of doors opens onto the second area - a lounge that is partially covered with an arbor (Pergola) and features a gas fireplace. The third part of this uniquely designed building is a dressing and bath area, located off the dining area. It includes a laundry, towel storage, a changing area and a 2-piece bath.


In keeping with the edginess of the design, we chose colors and finishes that were playful  yet modern. The building is low maintenance and easy to clean. We used natural materials wherever possible including stone on the pillars and natural cedar on the ceiling of the pavilion. And we used sustainable materials including a stamped concrete floor and  bamboo laminate cabinets in a reedy natural green to complement the outstanding natural setting.   


It was an ideal project for us - starting with a sophisticated, open-minded client, great landscaping and pool design, and a terrific team of tradespeople. The project was completed in time for use this summer.

We designed this building to serve many functions  - from intimate family gatherings to large-scale parties, and it was quickly put to the test.  While we were happy to hear that the first outdoor party was a smash, it was something else that  told us this project was a total success. The client admitted he was surprised to discover that his routine nighttime swim, colored by the OMNIA-designed lighting package, has become his favorite thing.

The ultimate test of any project is the client’s satisfaction, and this client is thrilled.

Through the OMNIA Group Architects, our clients, working within their budgets, their needs and best of all their dreams, create living spaces as unique as they are.