Home Additions for Family and Fun

Perhaps you have outgrown your existing home. Maybe you moved in with one child, now you have three. Or Mom is moving in to help with the kids. Maybe you are ready to take the leap and turn your home into the oasis you have always imagined.  A well-planned project will pay for itself by boosting the value of your residence.

According to OMNIA Group partner and Architect, Gene Grimaldi, “An architect designed custom home addition does more than just add space, it creates harmony, transforms the ordinary into something fabulous, turns underutilized spaces into dream rooms and increases the value of your home.” It is important to note that the square footage of your home is one of the most important factors in determining its selling price.  

Home additions can take on many forms — literally — and range from the simple to the sublime.  If you want more space and your budget is small, imagine a cantilevered micro-addition. This space can house an entertainment center or be used to increase the size and usefulness of a master bath or kitchen. A cantilevered micro-addition is a small "bump-out" located where you need the space and where the existing structure allows. It projects outward like a bay window that spans wall to wall and floor to ceiling. It needs no foundation work, so you save time and money. Many rehabilitated inner city row homes update their homes utilizing this modern house design. Gene adds, “When well planned, a little more space can make an outsized impact on the livability of a space.”

An “out-of-the-box” idea would be to create a pavilion, a free-standing room separate from the house but adding a new place to live. Even small yards can accommodate a properly conceived pavilion. This can be a flexible place that changes with the arrangement of furniture and accessories like fountains or fire pits. These structures are an opportunity to be adventurous with style. Where a true addition should generally honor the stylistic context of the existing home, a freestanding pavilion could take on its own new style – especially something modern and edgy.

Need to go up, not out? In extremely tight sites, such as in closely built older neighborhoods, where there is no room for horizontal expansion, consider capturing attic space or building a dormer; an addition that protrudes through the roof and creates a higher ceiling and more interior space. By building upward, you can add a second level to your one-story home or build a guestroom above your garage, without increasing your home’s footprint. Since you are not changing the four walls, there is no need to change the foundation. Watch the value of your home soar as your ceiling expands. 

Speaking of going up, a vaulted ceiling can create the feeling of a large room. Add skylights and you will create a living room that is bigger and better. 

Still looking for more fun? A pool is an obvious choice, but how about a backyard skate park or skateable bowl that also functions as a pool? Skate parks are best suited for older kids, so keep that in mind as you plan. But, keep in mind that a skate bowl that doubles as a pool could increase the value, but could also turn off buyers and hurt the home's value. You could opt for something simpler, like a deck or enclosed porch. Both offer the opportunity to expand your living space and enjoy the great outdoors. 

Whether you build up or out, or bring the outdoors in, experts agree an Architect should design your home addition. The smaller the project the more critical an Architect’s talents, experience and skill become in the architecture and design. Architects visualize the big picture, help cut through any red tape, help you hire a contractor and help you to go green and be sustainable.  An Architect will ensure your custom addition adds the most value both in the day-to-day experience of your household and return on investment in perhaps your most important asset, the place you call home.

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