Geothermal savings for this carbon neutral alternative for Heating and Cooling your home


OMNIA Group Architects' designed home heated and cooled using Geothermal energy.


Newsletter - February 2015


Geothermal Heating and Cooling: ­­­­An Alternative Source of Energy

    As architects, we are always looking at the big picture, the master architectural plan for our clients, and we like to offer sustainable options.  If you are looking at an alternative way to heat and cool your new home or to create green alternatives into your existing home, give the geothermal option a review.  How many times in the winter do you have a battle over how high the temperature in the house? How many times in the summer do you have a battle over how low the temperature in the house?

     Heating and air conditioning can get expensiveSo here’s a solution: why not save money by warming your house with air that is already warmer. HOW?

    Here’s a hint. You are standing on it. OMNIA Group architects partner, Gene Grimaldi, chose to install a geothermal system in his home after researching solar and other green options.   Environmental responsibility and sustainability is the number one reason he and his family chose this source.

What is it? 

     The temperature a few feet below earth’s crust maintains a steady temperature of about 50-54°F throughout the year. Thus, in the winter the ground will be warmer than the outside air, and in the summer the ground will be cooler than the outside air. Geothermal heating and cooling systems use a geothermal heat pump to harness these temperatures from the ground and provide heating and air conditioning for your house. This method is a form of alternative energy that is sustainable for the environment and can lower your energy bill up to 75%!

How does it work?

    A geothermal heat pump located in the house is connected to a pipe system buried just outside and is filled with water and/or antifreeze. The pipes are set up in a loop so that the liquid inside can circulate from the geothermal heat pump, through the earth and back to the pump.

    In the summer, heat from the house will be transferred into the liquid circulating in the ground loop, then circulated through the cooler ground where the heat is rejected and brought back to the pump. The warm air initially in your house that was circulated through your duct system has been reduced in temperature by about 20 degrees (F) and is discharged into the house though your air vents. Rejecting the house’s heat into the cool earth as opposed to the warm outside air (the way a standard air conditioner operates), requires less energy to heat or cool your house, using fewer resources and thus saving you money on the electricity bill!  



Why should I switch to geothermal heating and cooling?

     Although there is a high cost to install a geothermal heat pump of about $30,000-$45,000 dollars, this is a fixed cost that will return your value within a few years of purchase because you will save 60% on your operating costs.  

    The number one (1) reason to install is savings, and this quote comes from a satisfied consumer of an OMNIA Group Architects designed home; "Our geothermal costs for air conditioning and heat run on average around $500.00 per month, for our home of 7,500 SF."  The number two (2) bonus for your monetary savings is the federal 30% tax credit that is in effect until 12/31/2016 (no cap). It helps reduce the cost of ownership even more.  Number three (3), the ground loop piping is warranted for 50 years, and the pump can last up to 25 years. Not only does the system last a long time, but it also requires very little maintenance. The number four (4) reason is the energy you use comes from the ground and it is totally renewable with zero (0) carbon dioxide emissions in the environment. An added bonus is that there are no external large air conditioning units outside your home.

     OMNIA Group Architects is committed to sustainability.  Call us if you want to review your master architectural plan. Our architects and designers bring talent, experience and exceptional customer service to every residential and commercial project. We call it Creativity Delivered. Our clients — in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and throughout the country – call it the perfect solution to their architectural needs. Our goal is to create home and work environments that make your life easier, more productive and more enjoyable.

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