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OMNIA Group Architects is proud to be entering our 25th year of architectural creativity together!  Good Design is worth the time!

In music, harmony is defined as the combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions with a pleasing effect.

So too in architecture where the many notes are light and volume and scale and proportion and color and texture which,  when properly composed, create pleasing spaces in which to gather, to work, to dine, to entertain, to think, to engage, or to retreat  with a cup of coffee and a good book. Our goal at OMNIA is to create spatial harmony for our clients – to create home and work environments that feel great.

Did you know that the name of our company OMNIA represents the initial's of the progeny of Brian and Gene?  It was also chosen because it means "everything" in Latin.  We are the Architects of OMNIA.

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 We are proud to be part of the American Institute of Architecture.  Check out this article about working with an architect and visit us on Houzz for ideas.